The audacity to develop in an evolving world.

After Marco coming back home, together with our dad Vincenzo, we started to diversify and expand our activities, trying also to innovate the tradition. We always worked in B2b sector, as supplier of big bottling companies. Then finally the desire to write a story, that could be completely our own, was too strong to not support it.

We looked around a lot, going up and down Italy and the world. We enriched ourselves of experiences: top restaurants, gourmet shops of high quality food by national and international suppliers. Thanks to this know-how we have conceived how to create something unique, having a completely different product in a world that continuosly changes.

We cultivate olive groves in our territory, but in a completely different and new way, that is much more cost-effective despite the historical tradition of Puglia region. This way we love to call it “innovating tradition”. The company built by our granfather many years ago is still our background, that we will never forget. We believe that only developing and elevating that experience, changing and innovating continously, we can bring into the export market different products with a particular taste, that, together with the tradition, can help the consumer to develop his tasting experience with something new.

“Taste the best” means to have a new experience while tasting, taking care to bring the products of our territory into international markets, keeping high innovation.